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Healing your body is a deeply spiritual journey.

It has to be. To profoundly transform your physical health, it’s crucial to identify the mental, emotional, and spiritual components that are preventing your body from healing.

Self-limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging behaviors, underlying fears, resistance to change, and self-critical thoughts create major roadblocks on the journey to health.

That’s why, in addition to addressing the underlying physical contributors of illness, I spend time with patients addressing their mental, emotional and spiritual needs.

However, let me be crystal clear.

I’m not saying that your health issues are all in your head. That’s so not true.

Poor health occurs when there’s a breakdown in your body’s physiology and its ability to heal itself. This can be independent of your mental, emotional and spiritual health.

But, more often than not, our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, experiences, and unresolved emotional pain contribute to the progression of less than ideal health.

The following five questions may help you identify some additional factors may be contributing to your health.


What is my body trying to say to me?

Your body is talking. Are you listening?

Sometimes it’s hard to know what it’s saying except, “I’m unhappy.” It may be using a language you don’t understand and you need help translating.

You might hear, “Pay attention to me. Make yourself a priority. Slow down. Make some changes. Stop eating food that hurts me. Follow your heart.”

Try writing a letter to yourself from your body. For example, Dear Deborah, this is your body. I’ve got a few things to say to you…


What do I gain from my illness or lack of health?

Many of us get so caught up in our health story that we only identify as being an “unhealthy person.”

That story can become your crutch because it affords you benefits you wouldn’t receive if you were “healthy.”

Ask yourself this: what do I get to do (or not do) because of my illness?

One woman realized, “being sick means I get to stay home with my children. When I’m well I’ll have to go back to work. I don’t want to.”


How would my life be different if my lack of health no longer limited me?

When we crave a different life it’s important to hold the vision of how it would look.

Take time to imagine how your life will look when you have the health you desire. How will you feel? How will you look? How will your day be different?

The key question is this: Do you like that vision?


What fears do I have about being healthy?

This question seems counterintuitive. Most of us think we only have fears about being sick.

It’s natural to fear the unknown.

Sometimes it feels more comfortable to stay where you are because it’s at least familiar.

If health hasn’t been your fortune for many years, a healthy life may feel uncomfortable.

One woman realized, “I fear my husband and I will drift apart again. My illness has allowed us to rekindle our lost connection because of all the extra time we’ve gotten to spend together travelling to doctors appointments.”


What do I need to feel the most supported in my health?

Many of us have been taught to put everyone else’s needs above their own. It can feel selfish or even self-indulgent to make yourself a priority.

Give yourself permission to declare what you need.

You might need extra help or support from your family, more alone time away from the house or even a new health-care provider.

Think of at least three to five things that would make a difference to your health.

Take action steps to make those things happen.


What’s Your Take?

Asking these questions can sometimes provide key clues as to why your body isn’t cooperating (even when you’ve been working hard).

If you’ve unveiled some insight, partner with your health-care provider, therapist, or spiritual guide to create a healing space for addressing these insights.

I’d love to hear from you.

How has healing your mental, emotional or spiritual realm influenced your overall physical health?

Please leave a comment below.


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