After you’ve completed the New Patient Package, you’ll have a deeper understanding of why you feel the way you do and what it’ll take to for your body to heaso you can finally live the life you want to live.

We’ll have uncovered new things that haven’t been addressed and connect dots of your health history that haven’t been previously connected. You’ll have some “a-ha” moments and you’ll feel confident that you’re finally back on track and headed in the right direction.

We’ll devise a step-by-step plan and prioritize the things that will make the most impact. Most likely, we’ll approach your healing in several stages as it’s nearly impossible to tackle everything at once or even in a few visits.

You’ll have a strategic and well devised plan that’s sustainable for your life-long wellness. It’s not just about helping you feel better today. It’s about finding a way to optimize your health in a way that’s lasting.

Your Complete Health Program allows us to dive deep into the root causes of your symptoms and address all of the things that may be contributing to your health—including the emotional and spiritual sides of you.

You’ll not only feel better (& have fewer symptoms) but you can free yourself from the obstacles that have stood in your way for far too long.



You’ll choose between the 6-Visit or the 12-Visit Complete Health Program. The program you ultimately choose will depend on your health, your goals and your needs. Typically, appointments are scheduled every 3-6 weeks.

You may already know what program best suits your needs or you may need to go through the New Patient Package before you can decide.

You’ll gravitate to one of these programs if you:

 6 Visit
Complete Health Program

  • Have a few health concerns or symptoms or a few specific issues you ‘d like help with
  • Have symptoms that are interfering with your life but you’re still able to maintain a relatively good quality of life
  • Have been recently diagnosed or you’ve been struggling with your health for a short period of time
  • Already have complete blood work, functional medicine testing, and have been seeing healthcare providers on a regular basis (so only a few additional tests or work-up may be needed)
  • Already have a fairly healthy lifestyle so you’ll be refining what you do rather than doing a major overhaul
  • Have a support system and team in place (such as other health care providers, therapists, mentors, and accountability partners).
  • The 6 Visit Program lasts between 4-8 months depending on how often we need to check-in.

12 Visit
Complete Health Program

  • Have several health concerns, symptoms or diagnoses you need help with
  • Have symptoms that have dramatically affected your quality of life and you have limited ability to function the way you want to
  • Have been struggling with your health challenges for a long-time
  • Need additional blood work, functional medicine testing or diagnostics (which can take several months to complete) and haven’t been seeing healthcare providers regularly
  • Are making significant changes to your lifestyle and know that it’ll take time to implement new lifestyle changes
  • Desire or need a stronger support team (such as other healthcare providers, therapists, mentors or accountability partners).
  • The 12-Visit Program lasts between 8-16 months depending on how frequent visits are scheduled.

With both the 6-Month and 12-Visit Complete Health Programs you can expect:

  • 60-Minute Health Consultations with Dr. Deborah: We’ll meet together every 3-6 weeks and talk about how you’re feeling. You’ll share with me what’s going well, what changes you’ve noticed and where you still struggle. You’ll have plenty of time to ask questions and we’ll talk about the next phase of your plan. These appointments are available via phone or video teleconferencing if you don’t live in the Corvallis area.
  • Strategic Action Plans: We’ll continually work together to refine your plan, strategize ways to implement lifestyle changes, and move through the several stages of your healing journey. Your plans will include specific dietary and lifestyle recommendations along with specifically targeted supplements for the stage of healing you’re focused on. You’ll have clearly written instructions and as much support as you need to make the plans work for your lifestyle.
  • Modifications to Your Personalized Healthy Eating Plan: Together, we’ll continue to discover and refine the best eating plan for your long-term success. With time, we’ll learn what foods nourish your body and which foods you’ll need to avoid. You’ll receive as much support as you need, from basic guidelines to check-lists, meal plans or shopping lists. You’ll learn tricks and tools to make food your ally as your long-term success largely depends on the foods you eat.
  • Functional Medicine Testing: You’ll continue to have access to specialized functional medicine tests and receive direct lab pricing. As we move forward with your plan, we’ll probably need to retest things or utilize testing as we dive deeper into the root causes. The package price does not include the cost of these tests.
  • Ongoing Email Support: We’ll continue to be available to you between your consultations. As always, you’re welcome to email updates, ask questions as they arise, and request help if you desire. No need to wait until your next appointment to address what comes up between visits.
  • My Unwavering Support and Commitment to Your Success: Your success will continue to be the upmost priority and we’ll do our best to encourage, support, and advise you on your path toward wellness. We’ll continue to meet you where you’re at and give you as much guidance as you need to get you where you want to go.

6-Visit Complete Health Program: $1800
Payment plan available as 3 monthly payments of $650.

12-Visit Complete Health Program: $3240
Payment plan available as 6 monthly payments of $590.
The 12-Month Plan is offered at a 10% discount.


Here’s How it Works:

  • At the end of your two-visit New Patient Package, we’ll spend some time talking about your next step and decide the best package for you based on your health and your goals.
  • We’ll talk about your “best fit” but you’ll ultimately decide what package best fits your need.
  • After we’ve decided on our level of commitment, you’ll be emailed the link to make the full payment (or set up the payment plan).
  • We’ll get started on your action plan and you’ll be on your way to feeling your best.


Ready to get started? Here’s your next steps:

Step 1:  If you haven’t done so already, look over the details of the New Patient Package and Complete Health Programs.
Step 2: When you’re ready to book your 30-Minute Introductory Call, click the link below to fill out the Introductory Call form.
Step 3: After submitting the form, you’ll be directed to my scheduling page to book your call and pay the $59 fee.
Step 4: After you’ve booked, you’ll receive a confirmation email with the call-in details.
Step 5: At your scheduled time, please give my office a call and we’ll chat.
Step 6: At the end of the call, if we choose to work together, my next available new patient visit is yours.