Foundations of Functional Medicine:
Autoimmune Disease

An Online 8-Week Mentorship Class

Tuesdays afternoons, 4:30-6:00pm PST
January 15 to March 5, 2019
Online via Zoom Video Teleconferencing

Registration is now closed.

Your invited to join me for 8-weeks of learning and connection in a class designed for those with autoimmune disease.

You’ll find answers. You’ll feel connected to a community. You’ll be supported. And, you’ll learn new strategies to help you take back your health with functional medicine.

Each week, you’ll be guided through one of the 7 Foundational Pillars of Health and learn how it relates to your autoimmune condition. You’ll learn some practical ways to implement the information into your own life.

At the end of the class, you’ll be armed with new knowledge, new insights and new strategies to help you heal. And, you’ll create meaningful connections with the other participants of the course.

I really enjoyed this class. Not only did I learn more about functional medicine,
but I was able to take what I learned and apply it to my own life.
And it is really great having other folks who understand what you’re going through.
I’ve felt pretty isolated for awhile now but not anymore.
~ H. G., Corvallis

What Is Functional Medicine?

Simply put, functional medicine focuses on finding and healing the root causes of your autoimmune disease and looks at your health with the whole-person in mind. You can read more on my blog: Healing Autoimmune Disease with Functional Medicine

This class will focus on the 7 Foundational Pillars of Health — like sleep, food choices, and lifestyle — which are essential for creating good health so your body can do its best healing.

Who Is This Class For?

Anyone with an autoimmune condition that wants to learn more about functional medicine & how it can better help them heal will benefit from this class. It’s for those who want to create optimal health using the 7 Foundational Pillars of Health.

I’d definitely recommend this class!
It was nice to connect to other people with similar struggles.
It’s helped me not feel so isolated, overwhelmed and alone.
The class is very informative. I liked learning about the functional medicine approach to autoimmune disorders.
And, Dr. Deborah is genuine, knowledgeable and very approachable.
~ C.A., Corvallis

What Topics Are Covered?**

Week 1: Introduction to the 7 Pillars

Week 2: Pillar #1 — Food

Week 3: Pillar #2 — Gut Health

Week 4: Pillar #3 — Sleep

Week 5: Pillar #4 — Movement

Week 6: Pillar #5 — Clean Living

Week 7: Pillar #6 — Stress

Week 8: Pillar #7 — Connection

**This is a tentative outline. The order of topics may change based on the needs and desires of the class participants.

I learned so much in this short 8 week class.
It covered a lot of topics, diet, sleep, and toxins, among many others.
The topics discussed would help people dealing with any number of health conditions (not just autoimmune.)​
Dr. Anderson has the personal experience & the medical knowledge to provide real life examples & make the discussions interesting.
I am glad I was able to participate and would highly recommend it to anyone.
~ Michael Q., Albany

What You Can Expect.

Every week you’ll be invited to share your story and personal experience. There will be plenty of time to ask questions. This class will include teaching, discussion, and support. 

Handouts, worksheets, and resources will be provided to help you learn more about the topics discussed.

You’ll also receive an invitation to a private facebook group that is open to current and past participants of this course. You can ask questions and connect with others who are on a similar journey.

Specific treatment plans or protocols will not be provided. Those things can only be created by working with a healthcare provider who knows your health history and goals.

Foundations of Functional Medicine Class: $297
Spots are limited! Maximum of 12 participants.
Registration is Now Closed.


This course will run online, through Zoom Video Conferencing. An email will be sent out before each class with the link to join the meeting. You’ll need to connect via a computer, phone or tablet that has video/audio capabilities. Please use headphones when you join the meeting.

I just finished this course and wholeheartedly recommend it. 
Complex information simplified into understandable, practical pieces,
and delivered with warmth and in the context of community.
As far as I’m concerned functional medicine saved my life and Dr Deborah is a gem!
~ A.S., Eugene

Here’s how to sign up:

  • Download the pdf form below. Please fill out out and return the signed Course Information Form via email, fax or snail mail at least 1 week prior to the first class.
    • Course Information Form
      • If you’d like to fill out this form online, you must SAVE it to your computer FIRST. Otherwise, your information will not save.
  • To reserve your spot and use early bird pricing, please click the Sign Up link below. You’ll be taken to my scheduling page to sign up for the course and pay the fee. Use coupon code EARLY2019
  • A few days before the class starts, you’ll receive a reminder email with the Zoom Teleconferencing Link so you can connect when the class starts.

Please Note:

The class size is limited to 12 participants. A minimum of 5 participants is required.

Have A Question?

You’re welcome to contact me here: Contact Dr. Deborah.