SLEEP RESOURCES: the same things I use and recommend to my patients.

  • Eye Mask: my favorite eye mask. It has wire around the nose which keeps it in place all night. Soft and comfortable.
  • Blue Blocking Glasses: simple and classic. Blocks out harmful blue light that can make sleep more difficult.
  • White Noise Machine: helps block out noises that prevent deep sleep. A game changer if you live in an area where noises wake you frequently at night.
  • Gratitude Journal: my favorite gratitude journal the original “Five Minute Journal”. In just 5 minutes, morning and night, bring more joy and appreciation into your life.
  • Timer for Electronics: a simple, quick and cheap fix. Use this timer to turn off the wi-fi in your home during your sleep hours to reduce your exposure to EMF’s and wi-fi.
  • Air Doctor Air Filter: helps remove allergens, toxins, mold, and particles that may be harmful to your health. Quiet, sleek and affordable. Keep in running 24/7 in your bedroom.
  • Avocado Mattress: my favorite mattress of all time. One of the most affordable non-toxic, organic, and made in the USA.
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